Ith Mazi


AC: 24

perception +11

to hit, +1 warhammer: 10 (1d8+6)

HP 49


Ith is a seeker of the 5 essences. He wants to find the true essences of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and the Absence of Essence. He has no knowledge of what the 5th essence actually is. On his shield, he has precious stones arranged on his shield that are associated with the 4 essences that he knows of, and one blank slot where the fifth is to go when he figures out what it is.

His father was a famous maze creator. He was known for creating some of the least magically created mazes in the lands. However, some of his creations were so inherently non magical that the natural magic from Incarnum (the magic that creates all). Most notably of these was a maze he was requested to make by King Gillon. He requested that a maze be built in between his nation, Zadar, and the neighboring nation, Kannal. They had been at conflict for years and the King hoped that by creating a maze between the two nations (created by such a great maze craftier), that it would prevent the two sides from getting into open conflict. Ith’s Father spent several years working tirelessly on the project, calling it his greatest creation and naming it after his son. It was called the Maze of Ith. All the work was hand done and ever detail and loop around was well thought out. After he had finished all the work, the magic of Incarnum began to get adsorbed. To this day, no armies that have entered that maze in conflict have ever gotten the chance to see the opposing army. They would always find themselves back on their side of the maze. To this day, the two nations are at peace, all thanks to the Maze of Ith.

Ith has a good relationship with his father, however his father has been gone for over a year on another job. And yet his father has not contacted him in sometime, so Ith is also looking for some evidence to lead him to finding out were his father is. His father seemed worried when he last got a letter from him, saying that something was off about his current job.

Ith Mazi

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