Reikhardt the Golden

"Courage is putting yourself between evil and its victims."

  • Human, Varisian
  • Paladin 5
  • HP: 67
  • AC: 24
  • Fort: 11
  • Reflex 7
  • Will: 9
  • Primary Attack: Longsword +10
  • Likes: Kahve, Oldlaw Whiskey, Dwarven Stout, carrots.
  • Doesn’t like: Evil things, Rumboozle, normal coffee, tea, most shellfish.
  • Things I want: updated Unicorn Pendant, Holy Avenger (eventually), other paladin items, a rod of ropes, some relic of Iomedae because it would be cool

things I need to start with – armor, sword, shield, vial of ghost oil


Reikhardt the Golden

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